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Lenovo Premier Support Plus provides faster issue resolution, protects your investment, and prevents IT issues before they become problems.

Supporting your workforce was never this complex

Your IT teams are stretched with routine maintenance and support workloads, and are left with little time for innovation. Recruitment is a challenge in the face of IT skills shortages.

Supporting the remote workforce at the same time as driving digital transformation is extremely challenging for CIOs and IT teams. Organisations need to adapt to new technologies and practices rapidly.

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The challenges of supporting the fleet of a hybrid workforce


of global CIOs consider the issue of supporting the remote workforce extremely or very challenging.1


of businesses report they lack the time to address PC issues adequately.2


of IT staff time is dedicated to support and maintenance.2

Boost productivity and EX with a single support solution

Lenovo Premier Support Plus is all about connecting those who need support with those who are best prepared to provide it. Your users get direct access to advanced technicians who provide better, faster solutions that work every time - anytime, anywhere.

The result? Reduced downtime, increased productivity, and a much better employee experience. Check what else Lenovo Premier Support Plus can do for your workforce, your IT teams and your business.

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  • 24x7x365 hardware and software support
  • Direct access to advanced technicians
  • Single point of contact and simplified escalation
  • Unscripted solutions through phone, chat, or email
  • Next business day onsite and parts prioritisation
  • Proactive and predictive issue detection

The broadest, smartest support solution out there

Lenovo Premier Support Plus goes beyond best-in-class user support and issue resolution. It offers a suite of smart services that help your business in the journey toward maximum productivity. Take a look:

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Accidental Damage Protection

Reduce device repair costs by up to 80% and protect your investment in technology.

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Lenovo Device Intelligence

AI-powered tools that deliver proactive and predictive alerts that enable pre-emptive issue remediation.

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Keep Your Drive and Sealed Battery

Enhance data protection and get extended warranty for your fleet’s batteries.

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International Services Entitlement

Travelling for business? ISE extends your ADP, KYD, and SBTY coverage internationally.

Get to know the Premier difference

As IT budgets contract, your business needs to reduce complexity, decrease operational costs, and find ways to increase the efficiency of your in-house IT teams. With Lenovo Premier Support Plus, you get prompt issue resolution and can get on with doing what they do best – focus on your growth and be as productive as possible.

Experience Lenovo Premier Support Plus:







Support Plus

Break/fix support for broken machines

point point point

Advanced technical support available 24 × 7 × 365

x point point

Comprehensive hardware and OEM software support3

x point point

Single point of contact for simplified case management

x point point

Technical Account Managers for escalation

x point point

Next business day onsite labor & parts prioritization4

x point point

Standard reporting available

x point point

Lenovo Service Connect and Premier Asset Tag option

x point point

Predictive issue detection, case creation, and notification5

x x point

SEM for proactive asset reporting & relationship management6

x x point

Accidental Damage Protection4

x x point

Keep Your Drive4

x x point

Sealed Battery coverage for up to 4 years4

x x point

International Service Entitlement

x x point

Coverage for non-Think devices

x x point

3 OEM software only, level 1 best effort support

4 Dependent on market, parts, and HW availability

5 Customer authorisation and Win10 or Win11 OS required; Component replacements provided on amber alerts, even without diagnostics issue confirmation

6 Services Engagement Manager (500-units minimum)

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Lenovo Services

Dive deep into our full portfolio of solutions and lifecycle services, and learn more about how Lenovo can help you manage your IT.

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Lenovo TruScale

From the pocket to the cloud, empower your teams with the tech they need - delivered as a service, anywhere in the world - and ignite your business strategy.

It’s time to add a little Plus to your IT support

Get in touch with our specialists and learn how Lenovo Premier Support Plus can help your business and unburden your IT team.

Source: Lenovo SSG, CIO Report 2022

Source: US SMB Managed Services Survey, Techaisle