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Security–Protecting your priceless data

At Think we take security seriously, which is why our products have been the choice for the corporate market year after year.

They include features such as biometric security and built-in hardware that encrypts hard drive data. Plus, the innovative ThinkEngine keeps watch over your ThinkPad even when it's not running.

We realize that for many users, their data is far more valuable than the hardware itself and the last thing they need is for it to fall into the wrong hands. That's why with a Think PC, security is built-in – to keep intruders out.


Security that's as unique as you
Your fingerprint is your own, and so is your ThinkPad. The fingerprint reader, which was a world first when it debuted on the ThinkPad T42 in 2004, offers unbeatable security by allowing only you to access your ThinkPad, with just a simple swipe of your finger.


A higher level of security
The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a chip designed to bring a new level of security to your PC. Without relying on system or proprietary software it prevents malicious attackers modifying the state of your computer and software to access sensitive data and passwords.