The ‘One-to-One’ Model at St. Francis Xavier College

St. Francis Xavier College's "One-to-One" Model

St. Francis Xavier is a three-campus educational institution with an enrolment of more than 2,800 students and over 350 combined staff.

Located in Victoria, Australia, the school's Berwick Campus (established in 2003) and Officer Campus (2012) play host to students in years 7 – 9, while the Beaconsfield Campus offers a wide ranging curriculum for senior students in Years 10 – 12.

The school prides itself on offering an innovative and quality education to its students, who continue to benefit from the importance it places on maintaining a cutting-edge learning environment.

As early adopters of device-in-the-classroom, St. Francis Xavier previously adopted a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, encouraging students to bring their own computers. However, the different operating systems and programs, as well as the varied age of the machines, meant that every teacher had to be an IT specialist – the resulting delays impacted every child’s ability to learn.

In order to remove inconsistencies between students on different personal devices, St. Francis Xavier made the switch to a ‘one-to-one’ model, where all students are set to get access to devices through the school. To date, the switch has seen over 1,200 Lenovo devices rolled out to students – allowing equal access to the benefits of modern, technology-enabled teaching and learning styles across the campus.

Watch the case study video below to learn more about the success St. Francis Xavier is having with Lenovo.

Lenovo and St. Francis Xavier